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I'm Hannah, 

wellness coach and registered nurse. 

~I empower busy, overwhelmed women who feel stuck in life and/or health, to find breakthroughs towards the healthiest version of themselves. 

Empowering You To Feel Better
And Live Your Best Life!

What My Clients Experience

  • A safe space to identify their health values and goals.

  • Clarity around what hinders progress toward a healthier life.

  • Prevention of disease specific to their unique concerns.

  • Development of action steps and healthy habits.

  • Accountability and support every step of the way. 

How I Serve My Clients

Coaching ~

Using a holistic assessment tool, I powerfully lead clients through a coaching process which identifies areas in their lives they wish to transform.

Mindfulness ~

Breath work and mindfulness tools can be a powerful way to calm our minds and body. I tailor this type of work around the specific needs of each unique client.  

Education and Resources ~

Utilizing my education and experience, I add value and input as appropriate. 

Action ~

Action steps that we co-create gives focus to my clients efforts.

Support ~

I walk beside each of my clients every step of the way, supporting their achievements and cheering them on.

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